Rod Hannifey

Rod Hannifey

Well known road safety evangelist Rod Hannifey has been promoting the “Truckies Top Ten Tips” (for sharing the road with trucks) for well over 15 years. These tips came from surveys amongst truck drivers and have always been well received and used by many websites and groups, including the Australian Trucking Association, who used them for the basis of the games and education in the current Mobile Education Centre.

Rod Hannifey has spent most of his truck driving career as a road safety evangelist and advocate for safety within the Australian road transport industry.  Not only is he a full-time driver but also an accomplished and respected columnist and has been an adviser to Industry and government on many projects.

Rod also pilots the distinctive Truckright Industry Vehicle which is a K200 Kenworth in B’Double configuration owned by Rod Pilon Transport of Dubbo in central western NSW.

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